Winter Warmers

With Winter upon us the boys at Daiwa have hooked us up with some awesome winter apparel making paddling a little more comfortable on these chilly winter mornings.

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First up we have these not so flattering long Spandex tights which at first we thought it was a bit of a laugh but we have to say they work at keeping your legs warm,they help stop blue bottles from stinging your legs, they protect your legs from the harsh sun and are really comfy to paddle in and since we have got them we haven’t not launched in them.We do go for the more stylish look and wear baggies over them making us a little easier on the eyes.


Next are these awesome Rashvests that are made from  top quality material and just like the tights it protect you from the elements that you will face out on the water, when they dry you will stay nice an warm but if you take a swim while getting out you will be cold till the sun works its magic!


Lucky for us we also got these Daiwa jackets that not only look badass but will keep you so toasty on the water you will feel like you still snuggled up in your bed! They have pull tight strings at the waist and velcro around your wrists making a tight fit so you can still paddle. Water proof so when you do get splashed out on the water you don’t shiver away, we do however recommend putting it on after you have got past back line, firstly so you don’t get water into it and secondly it won’t be the easiest thing to swim in, in the surf zone.


This handy little multi-purpose Sports Scarf is 100% Polyester Microfibre with temperature control, UV Protection and moisture management.Us Freaks love these things and wear them all the time not just on the water and not only does it stop the hectic glare you get from the sun on the water but when your paddling into the wind you don’t get you whole face drenched in splashes and you stay warm!


So get down to The Kingfisher today and get your winter gear or you will freeze your butts off on the water!

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S01 – E01 – It Starts

This is the first official episode in the first Web-series of Fishing Freaks. The start of the season introduces Wez & Dick, kayak fishing and the fruits of catching fresh game fish!

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