Tartaruga Maritima Tented Camp


The Fishing Freaks are Durban based and while the fishing and general outdoor life is really great here we often find ourselves itching for a trip north to the exotic, Ponta Mozambique. Why I hear you ask?

Well first off, it’s only 5 hours from Durban (6 hours from JHB) close enough for a long weekend getaway; it’s cheap! Lets be honest, that counts more these days; they have the original R&R’s; clean warm sea full of beautiful reefs and marine life (excellent fishing & diving); really kind and honest locals who make delicious food & you can look for miles up and down the beach with next to no one in sight!

Southern Mozambique is so beautiful I (Wes) managed to convince my wife (fiancé at the time) to get married there. We had a perfect wedding with 60 of our closest family and friends. This exotic wedding destination has become highly sort after and for good reason. Take the above and add all your friends & family!

Whether you want a short getaway or a romantic and exotic wedding, Southern Mozambique will be perfect for you. On our last trip we were invited to stay at Tartaruga Maritima Tented Camp. It is ideally situated in Ponta Molongane (5kms north of Ponta Do Oura) in the bush with stunning sea views and a well kitted communal kitchen and dining area. A perfect destination for weddings, family vacations, corporate events and more.

Here is their video, you can see what we mean!

For more accommodation information click here Tartaruga Maritima Tented Camp
For more information regarding wedding bookings, contact The Love Bucket
Video filmed, voiced & edited by The Fishing Freaks (mail us thefishingfreaks@gmail.com)

See you in Moz

Daiwa GrandWave-X 40SHVK



This multiplier reel is more commonly used by the rock and surf angler because of its free floating spool, making it great for casting. It has a sealed Water Proof oversized drag with Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings (CRBB) making this a Freakin tough little reel!!

So we here at Fishing Freaks have put this ” Rock and Surf ” reel to the test on a kayak and well we can’t say anything else other than BRILLIANT!!! We use it on a lighter rod setup making it perfect for chasing snoek , pulling plastics and even pulling dead baits on the surface but you could easily put this reel on a heavier outfit and target monsters. Its Rugged Corrosion Proof Graphite Frame makes it strong and cable of taking the beating its gets out on a kayak, also Its water proof seals and CRBB is what you need on the water and Dick has dropped his in the ocean a few times and still catching fish with it! Another great thing about this reel is that you can also put it on a rock and surf rod and go do some night fishing for Kob. We here at the Freaks give this reel a thumbs up for Kayak fishing!

So head down to the boys at The Kingfisher and have a look at this brilliant and affordable reel for .


Watch Dick Catch a tuna while trawling a plastic with this reel –  




Sweet Chilli Tuna Steaks

One of our favorite fish to catch are Yellow Fin Tuna. You can catch them using so many different techniques, pulling plastic lures, spinning, plugging, live bait or even jigging and the fight will get your blood pressure up!


14kg Tuna


So now you have this delicious and sought after fish at home on the fillet table. I start by filleting the tuna into it’s 4 quarters. Now you have 4 pieces of boneless tuna (skin still on). I then slice the 4 pieces into steaks, cutting across the meats grain. I was at Woolies a while back and they had a picture of tuna steaks with the skin on the one side, I thought it looked great so I copied them. It also helps keep all the meat together when cooking on a braai (BBQ).

Now the ingredients you will need:

– Sweet Chilli Sauce

– Cayenne Pepper

– Olive Oil

Sweet Chilli Ingredients

Mix the sweet chilli sauce in a mug with a 1/3rd cup of Olive Oil and a tea spoon of Cayan Pepper. Mix together and pour over steaks in a bowl. Mix it all around so the fillets are covered in the sauce. Leave to marinade in the fridge for one hour.

Sweet Chilli Tuna Mix

While this is marinating you can sear up some tuna too. Great starter while you wait for your steaks to marinade. You will have to wait for this recipe 🙂

Seared Tuna

Now your steaks are ready for the fire. I prefer a slightly hotter braai (BBQ). Once the tuna is on the fire you will see it turing white from the side, let it cook 1/3rd through then turn. Coat the steaks with sweet chilli sauce as you go. Don’t cook your steak too long, you don’t want to dry it out.

Tunas Steaks on the braai

And now its ready, sweet and sticky like pork ribs. You can serve as you like, sometimes I break it up and put it in a roll with some braai salad and mayo! Holy cow you will enjoy this 🙂

Sweet Chilli Tuna Steaks

Quattro King of the Sea @ Pumula Hotel

Last weekend The Fishing Freaks were deep down the south coast of KwaZulu Natal at Pumula Beach Hotel taking part in the 4th annual Quattro King of the Sea hosted by GoFish Magazine.

Leading up to the contest the chatter was mostly revolving around the forecast Windguru was predicting. Howling easterlies, massive seas BUT a few reports of great catches.. Dick and I (Wez) spent the week making traces and changing rusty hooks with great expectations of croc couta screaming off in the early mornings.

The event was a massive success, we had a great time “carboloading” and sharing fishing secrets with our new angling friends. Watch the full video of The Freaks @ Pumula:


Special thanks to the Freaks sponsors: Stealth Performance Kayaks, Daiwa & The Kingfisher

The Reel Review: Daiwa Saltist BG 40 H


This reel has to be hands down The Freak’s favorite multiplier reel from Daiwa,its anodized finish makes it strong, rugged and protects it from corrosion perfect for out on a kayak. The 40 H is the perfect size for using on your Fishing ski and makes it easy to take in and out of your hatch, especially  when its full of fish. Its has an ultra smooth drag system  which is ideal for tightening up on monster tuna when fishing live bait. All in all this is a great reel to use out on the water and the Black and Gold finish just makes it look amazing. You will remember in Episode 04 Wez landed a nice couta on this reel and raved about the smooth drag. We here at Fishing Freaks love this reel and can’t wait to put it to the REEL test with some Autumn Crocs.


Kingfisher Logo

The Freaks Gear UP

It’s Thursday and one more sleep before we (Wez and Dick) register for the Quattro King Of The Sea Pumula fishing comp. We said last week how Windguru was so behind The Freaks… Well I’m not so sure they feel the same anymore, what do you think of this forecast?


The next three weekends are all competition weekends and you know The Freaks will be there. This weekend being the HIGHLY anticipated Quattro King Of the Sea hosted by Pumula hotel and GoFish Magazine. If you haven’t entered yet you better do it today. If you’re not fishing you’re welcome to bring the family and enjoy the weekend with us, there should be some fresh feesh on the braai (that 12 in a row blanking HAS to come to an end).


So the big question is, which vessel will be the KING of the SEA? Jet skis, boats or kayaks? I’m voting kayaks 🙂


Here is the forecast, yeah we can see the swell too…


How will The Freaks do in that surf??

How will The Freaks do in that surf??


Here is the Quattro King Of The Sea @ Pumula poster, looks awesome I know!



How those prizes!!??

How those prizes!!??

The Fishing Freaks S01 E08 “not the end”

It’s finally here!


First off our deepest apologies for taking so long to bring you this episode. I won’t give too much away but we do explain why there has been a “drought”. This is the final episode of Season 01 of The Fishing Freaks BUT not the final episode of The Freaks! There will be many many more to come, only in a different format.


Looking forward to Season 02, Dick and I (Wez) will be doing Web Series instead of a weekly adventure diary. We will be heading out on tour to find you the best accommodation, awesome fishing destinations, tasty recipes, meet some locals and the usual antics you’ve come to appreciate.


While we’re not on tour we have setup this awesome blog to keep you in the loop with all things Freaky & Fishy. Here we will do product reviews, post some recipes, weekly catches (if any), your catches and more! If you’re not on here you should definitely like our Facebook Page or drop us a mail thefishingfreaks@gmail.com


Until the next installment, tight lines and keep those comments and messages coming 🙂

Wez & Dick

The Fishing Freaks




Freaky Screen Grabs

The Freaks have been making the most of this awesome weather May has to offer. Calm mornings and afternoons, clean water, no swell (oh really?)…

Well on that swell note… Windguru may have predicted waves of under 2m with long wave periods. BUT, there is a lesson to be learnt by those who get a little too confident when launching and beaching.. Despite the swell looking small there are a few beast waves lurking in the deep.

Here are a few clips of Wez learning a few lessons in the surf.. Talk about an old dog learning new tricks!

Wez in a montage of eating sand!

Wez in a montage of eating sand!

Sangoma Search Starts

The Fishing Freaks Search for a Sangoma

The Fishing Freaks Search for a Sangoma

11 – Eleven is the number of “blanks” in a row Wez has experienced! Dick isn’t far behind with around 9 in a row.. Many of you fisherman (and wives of fisherman) will know, May is one of the best months in the year to fish, especially off a Yak.

May off the east coast of South Africa is Autumn and the best time of year to target big yellow fin tuna, snoek (queen mackerel) and those Croc Couta (king mackerel) that can exceed 30 kilos!! May is also pre sardine run, with many old school anglers believing all the fish have swum south in search of those oily little bait fish.

Either way you look at it the facts don’t change.. The Freaks are on a serious blank run! Now we need your help, we need some help in changing our poor luck on the water. We’re in search of a sangoma to throw some bones and change our luck. Do you have any secret fishing rituals? PLEASE share yours with The Freaks!

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Wez & Dick

The Fishing Freaks

Guru supports The Freaks

Looks like a Freaky week!

Looks like a Freaky week!

For the second week in a row Windguru posts a forecast to make any angler bunk work! Monday right through to Sunday without a cloud in the ski and winds under 10 knots. One thing I can tell you is the Freaks will spend most of the week on the water… work may take a back seat.

BUT, there is a sad reality to the good weather. Despite the conditions being so good this doesn’t guarantee any fish. Wez is on 6 launches for zero fish! Dick is starting to catch up with Wez too.

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The Freaks

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