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Now i am very skeptical when it comes to Plastic Lures and the makes that i buy and i will always buy the more expense lure because i know i am paying for quality and that the lure will swim correctly and most importantly CATCH fish!





The Kingfisher has come out with the Rattler series of trawling lures and we have been lucky enough to test them out!! They come in different sizes, swimming depths and  great colors , they all come equipped with VMC Hooks and the best part!!! They catch FISH!!! I have been Trawling the blue 150mm length 3m diver and i have been hooking into the Yellow Fin Tuna.



So I , Dick give these affordable lures the thumbs up ,they have a great swimming action,they catch fish and they don’t put too much of a dent in your wallet. So get down to The KingFisher today and go chose your favorite colors and sizes in the Rattlers Series.


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Looks like a Freaky week!

Looks like a Freaky week!

For the second week in a row Windguru posts a forecast to make any angler bunk work! Monday right through to Sunday without a cloud in the ski and winds under 10 knots. One thing I can tell you is the Freaks will spend most of the week on the water… work may take a back seat.

BUT, there is a sad reality to the good weather. Despite the conditions being so good this doesn’t guarantee any fish. Wez is on 6 launches for zero fish! Dick is starting to catch up with Wez too.

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