Open Water Carnage

Cape Vidal

The Fishing Freaks are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful area. The East Coast of South Africa is warm through winter, hot in summer & teaming with pelagic gamefish. Being in Durban puts us just 2 hours south of the breath taking, Cape Vidal situated in the Isimangaliso Wetland Park.

Every year at the start of summer (November) the warm Mozambican current flows strong and close to the launch site bringing with it Mahi Mahi (Dorado), Marlin, Sailfish, King & Queen Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna and much more all within paddling distance.

With this constantly in the back of our minds, it’s tough fighting that urge to just jump in the car and take the 2 hour drive north. So we did it!

Cape Vidal does come with a paddlers WARNING! The current is extremely dangerous especially when the North East wind is blowing as this pushes the North to South current even faster and stronger, but this also brings in the fish. Only fit and experienced paddlers should dare launch Vidal. Vidal is best fished in a fresh South Westerly wind after 3 days of North Easterlies.

On that note, the conditions were just that and the fish were on the bite! Wez had two live cigar scads out on a simple steel trace with a single #2 lead hook and a #4 treble in the back with a shiny skirt on. After trying in vain to down rig the one livie with a 4oz sinker and very brittle elastic bands, Wez decided to leave the one (on his right) 6 feet from the back of his ski so his baits didn’t swim together and knot his line… The results? Well watch the video!


Salt Rock Kayak Comp


In 2013 The Fishing Freaks were lucky enough to crack the nod to the 3 biggest kayak fishing events on the east coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The Salt Rock comp is one of the most eagerly anticipated fishing events.

The Salt Rock Kayak Fishing Comp is sponsored by Ballito Toyota amongst many others, and they have put up for grabs a brand new Toyota Hilux! HOWEVER, there is a “catch”… to be in line for that awesome vehicle you have to catch a king mackerel (couta) over 28 kgs (62lbs).

A special thanks to Shaun Reid and Fishing Corner for hosting such a fun and well supported fishing event. The Freaks look forward to the 2014 Salt Rock Fishing Comp.

The Freaks Gear UP

It’s Thursday and one more sleep before we (Wez and Dick) register for the Quattro King Of The Sea Pumula fishing comp. We said last week how Windguru was so behind The Freaks… Well I’m not so sure they feel the same anymore, what do you think of this forecast?


The next three weekends are all competition weekends and you know The Freaks will be there. This weekend being the HIGHLY anticipated Quattro King Of the Sea hosted by Pumula hotel and GoFish Magazine. If you haven’t entered yet you better do it today. If you’re not fishing you’re welcome to bring the family and enjoy the weekend with us, there should be some fresh feesh on the braai (that 12 in a row blanking HAS to come to an end).


So the big question is, which vessel will be the KING of the SEA? Jet skis, boats or kayaks? I’m voting kayaks 🙂


Here is the forecast, yeah we can see the swell too…


How will The Freaks do in that surf??

How will The Freaks do in that surf??


Here is the Quattro King Of The Sea @ Pumula poster, looks awesome I know!



How those prizes!!??

How those prizes!!??