Peri Peri Cray’z Sauce

With most of the gamies gone, August in a few days, winter is here so Dick and I have been scrounging the garage and shed for our (dusty) diving gear. The past weekends conditions were pearler! Spring tides, clean water and small surf. We took a drive south to a “secret” spot a local mate had informed us of. He said, “Beware the path is treacherous!” Well he wasn’t kidding! As it turns out the spot wasn’t so “secret” as in a two hour dive we managed to see 8 crays between us, I managed to snatch 4 for the table.

Here is my rather simple “I’ve just got out the water from a long dive and I’m knackered” cray dinner for two recipe.

You will need:

2 Crayfish (Dive for them & take your valid license)

1 lemon


peri peri (From Ponta Do Oura if you’re lucky)


Olive Oil

Salt & Spices

Salad (optional)



Sauce Ingredients

Now I butterfly the crays with a strong sharp knife. Start with the cray on its back and pierce the shell in the middle of its thorax (chest), then work the knife cutting right through all the way to the tail. Now cut in the reverse direction, through the head. Now you have one side open, flip it onto its belly and crack the top of its shell from head to tail.

Rinse the inside with water and pull out all the nasty insides. Beware of the white tubular looking bit, I have no idea what it is but if it breaks open it will stick to you like gum!

Now your crays should look like this..

Cleaned Crays

Now for the peri peri garlic lemon butter delicious sauce. In a small microwaveable bowl, add a spoon of crushed garlic, an ice cream scoop size of butter, squeeze the lemon dry into the bowl and add as much peri peri as you like. Place the bowl in the microwave and nuke till all the butter melts. Give it a good mix and that is the sauce you will baste your crays with while on the braai (BBQ).

While the sauce is in the microwave, peel some potatoes and put them in a plastic groceries packet and tie a knot in the handle. Place this in the microwave (after the sauce) and set to 9 minutes. This will steam them and give you a little head start. Once they’re done, mix them in a large bowl with olive oil and the spices you dig. Put on a baking tray in the oven on 180 for 18 minutes.

Your sauce should look something like this…

Peri Peri Cray'z Sauce

Now that you’ve tested a beer and the fire is hot, put your crays on the braai, belly up so you can start basting that peri peri sauce in there. You can fill the empty cray head with sauce and let it spread as it cooks.

Crays on the Braai

I like to put the lid on for a bit, controls the heat and gives the meat a slight smokey taste. They cook quite quickly so keep your eye on them. After about 10 minutes I flip them over and baste more sauce over the shell. Lid back on for another 5 minutes. That should be enough on a hot fire, with a knife you can slice into the meat and check.

And if you were feeling pretty exhausted after a dive, with little work this is what it should look like.

Crays for two

IF you are keen to get into diving or already are divers, have a look at Freedivers The Freaks get all our gear from them. They make solid gear for our rugged conditions and their after sales is unmatched. Ask for the Legend that is, Turtle!



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