Sweet Chilli Tuna Steaks

One of our favorite fish to catch are Yellow Fin Tuna. You can catch them using so many different techniques, pulling plastic lures, spinning, plugging, live bait or even jigging and the fight will get your blood pressure up!


14kg Tuna


So now you have this delicious and sought after fish at home on the fillet table. I start by filleting the tuna into it’s 4 quarters. Now you have 4 pieces of boneless tuna (skin still on). I then slice the 4 pieces into steaks, cutting across the meats grain. I was at Woolies a while back and they had a picture of tuna steaks with the skin on the one side, I thought it looked great so I copied them. It also helps keep all the meat together when cooking on a braai (BBQ).

Now the ingredients you will need:

– Sweet Chilli Sauce

– Cayenne Pepper

– Olive Oil

Sweet Chilli Ingredients

Mix the sweet chilli sauce in a mug with a 1/3rd cup of Olive Oil and a tea spoon of Cayan Pepper. Mix together and pour over steaks in a bowl. Mix it all around so the fillets are covered in the sauce. Leave to marinade in the fridge for one hour.

Sweet Chilli Tuna Mix

While this is marinating you can sear up some tuna too. Great starter while you wait for your steaks to marinade. You will have to wait for this recipe 🙂

Seared Tuna

Now your steaks are ready for the fire. I prefer a slightly hotter braai (BBQ). Once the tuna is on the fire you will see it turing white from the side, let it cook 1/3rd through then turn. Coat the steaks with sweet chilli sauce as you go. Don’t cook your steak too long, you don’t want to dry it out.

Tunas Steaks on the braai

And now its ready, sweet and sticky like pork ribs. You can serve as you like, sometimes I break it up and put it in a roll with some braai salad and mayo! Holy cow you will enjoy this 🙂

Sweet Chilli Tuna Steaks


5 thoughts on “Sweet Chilli Tuna Steaks

  1. Jamie, next tuna you should try them out. I think I’ll make some tonight 🙂 For a change try rolling the tail end of the tuna (skinned and deboned) in course salt and pepper. On the braai cook it through, light pink inside. Mmmmmm so yummy toooo!

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