Quattro King of the Sea @ Pumula Hotel

Last weekend The Fishing Freaks were deep down the south coast of KwaZulu Natal at Pumula Beach Hotel taking part in the 4th annual Quattro King of the Sea hosted by GoFish Magazine.

Leading up to the contest the chatter was mostly revolving around the forecast Windguru was predicting. Howling easterlies, massive seas BUT a few reports of great catches.. Dick and I (Wez) spent the week making traces and changing rusty hooks with great expectations of croc couta screaming off in the early mornings.

The event was a massive success, we had a great time “carboloading” and sharing fishing secrets with our new angling friends. Watch the full video of The Freaks @ Pumula:


Special thanks to the Freaks sponsors: Stealth Performance Kayaks, Daiwa & The Kingfisher


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