Weirdest Creature caught on a Yuzuiri?


Being out on the ocean on a kayak you come across some Weird and Wonderful  Sea Creatures!! So i was out fishing the other day with Wez getting some live bait from one of our favorite spots and i managed to pull up an Octopus in-between all the bait fish!!!! Now i have seen plenty of these guys while diving for Crayfish but to get one while sitting in the middle of the Sea on a Yuzuiri??

Send us Pics or stories of the Weirdest things you have caught on you Yuzuiri while fishing!

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.43.38 AMFinished3


One thought on “Weirdest Creature caught on a Yuzuiri?

  1. Jealous of the fishing you guys get out there. Saw some shark fishing on Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing (UK TV show) a while back. We catch squid and cuttlefish here in the UK on squid jigs early spring & late summer / early autumn but no octopus. Check out my blog for my finesse fishing adventures. I’m going to be getting a kayak soon for some wrasse fishing hopefully.

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