The Fishing Freaks S01 E08 “not the end”

It’s finally here!


First off our deepest apologies for taking so long to bring you this episode. I won’t give too much away but we do explain why there has been a “drought”. This is the final episode of Season 01 of The Fishing Freaks BUT not the final episode of The Freaks! There will be many many more to come, only in a different format.


Looking forward to Season 02, Dick and I (Wez) will be doing Web Series instead of a weekly adventure diary. We will be heading out on tour to find you the best accommodation, awesome fishing destinations, tasty recipes, meet some locals and the usual antics you’ve come to appreciate.


While we’re not on tour we have setup this awesome blog to keep you in the loop with all things Freaky & Fishy. Here we will do product reviews, post some recipes, weekly catches (if any), your catches and more! If you’re not on here you should definitely like our Facebook Page or drop us a mail


Until the next installment, tight lines and keep those comments and messages coming 🙂

Wez & Dick

The Fishing Freaks





7 thoughts on “The Fishing Freaks S01 E08 “not the end”

  1. Should you guys ever need to have a fish in oz drop me a line . Both or alone . Can organize stay and play ( glass yaks ) all for gratis . You will have to catch your own fish ! I will happily drag you guys over the ‘fishy’ marks .
    yakdoq ( KFDU / Coffs Harbour /NSW / Australia)

    • Looking at mid to late feb 2014 this would allow you to do some pretty spectacular fishing , enter a comp , Chase marlin /cobia/ couta /tuna in this part of the world .

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