Sangoma Search Starts

The Fishing Freaks Search for a Sangoma

The Fishing Freaks Search for a Sangoma

11 – Eleven is the number of “blanks” in a row Wez has experienced! Dick isn’t far behind with around 9 in a row.. Many of you fisherman (and wives of fisherman) will know, May is one of the best months in the year to fish, especially off a Yak.

May off the east coast of South Africa is Autumn and the best time of year to target big yellow fin tuna, snoek (queen mackerel) and those Croc Couta (king mackerel) that can exceed 30 kilos!! May is also pre sardine run, with many old school anglers believing all the fish have swum south in search of those oily little bait fish.

Either way you look at it the facts don’t change.. The Freaks are on a serious blank run! Now we need your help, we need some help in changing our poor luck on the water. We’re in search of a sangoma to throw some bones and change our luck. Do you have any secret fishing rituals? PLEASE share yours with The Freaks!

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Wez & Dick

The Fishing Freaks


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