S01 – E02 – Pink Cyclops

This is the second video in the first season of Fishing Freaks. The start of the season introduces Wez & Dick, kayak fishing and the fruits of catching fresh game fish!

Stay tuned for new Fishing Freaks episodes, action packed with fishing, antics, recipes and more…

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One thought on “S01 – E02 – Pink Cyclops

  1. Fear not my friends, for in February I shall be returning to Sunny SA for a month to do some fishing myself . . .
    And I have found a new pair of sunnies for the person who draws a blank.
    You would not even wear these in from of a blind person,
    for fear of been humiliated and laughed at.

    But wear them you must,
    should you draw a blank!

    Thanks for the great show.
    It is the only thing that keeps me sane in this mud swamp.
    Keep the videos coming brothers and I hope to see you on the water in Feb.

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